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Latest from the Blog

  • Pneumatic Slug Testing

    Friday, Jun 24, 2016

    A New Approach for Hydraulic Conductivity Monitoring?

    Conventional slug testing offers some major advantages over pump tests in site investigations but there are some issues associated with projecting slug test permability values to larger aquifer volumes. Could pneumatic slug testing provide an alternative?

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  • Turbidity Webinar

    Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016

    Understanding Suspended Sediments, Solids, and Turbidity

    Join Larry Freeman to discover key insights into the nature of suspended sediments, solids, and turbidity, and how to measure them.

    Free to view on-demand webinar video now available.

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Peter's Blog

  • Monitoring Groundwater Levels in Sierra Leone

    Friday, Apr 08, 2016

    Equipment survives in challenging field conditions

    Since November 2012 I have been working on a UK Aid project funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) in which my role has been to assist, with others, the Ministry of Water Resources to develop a pilot groundwater monitoring network in The Rokel-Seli River Basin.

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  • Groundwater Sampling Biases

    Monday, Nov 07, 2016

    The impact of vertical flows in boreholes

    I have previously discussed the difference between partial and full purging of wells when collecting a groundwater sample. In this post I want to delve more deeply into the effects that vertical flows in aquifers have on the origin of groundwater samples and how this introduces uncertainty into your interpretation of water quality results.

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