Customer Case Studies

In-Situ Europe works closely with many of our clients to deliver customised monitoring solutions and to develop our products in innovative ways to match customer specifications.

Water Quality Sampling

Reservoir Turbidity Monitoring

Research Project. UK Uplands
“ From the initial conversations, detailed site visits and a thorough understanding of our procurement and compliance system, In-Situ Europe ensured that the equipment specification and selection were the easiest part of the entire project!”

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Continuous Field Monitoring of pH and EC 

Research Project. Scottish Moorlands

"The In-Situ Troll 9500 instrument has enabled us to develop a high resolution picture of the DOC discharge in peatland This data will allow us to better understand the carbon interactions within these sensitive peatland environments to ensure these habitats are protected for future generations.”
Research Team Leader

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Cooling Water Discharge Monitoring

Managing FSG scrubbing

“In-Situ’s system has allowed us to meet our strict environmental requirements and save on our monthly electricity usage – providing a more efficient solution all-round.”
Power generation client

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Data Loggers

Wetland Level Logging for Wildlife Conservation

Multiple Wetland and Saltmarsh Sites, UK

“The ability to monitor water levels in a greater level of detail has helped us to better understand the most effective techniques for protecting these unique and delicate environments so that our native bird species have a safe and sustainable area in which to thrive”
Power Station Site Manager

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