Protecting Groundwater Supplies

Groundwater remediation has become an essential environmental service in response to the need for European, and other major economies, who continue to deal with the legacy of industrial development and resulting contamination.

Legislation Drivers

The protection of potable groundwater supplies from a variety of hazardous pollutants is clearly a concern and is a major issue for all of us and a key priority of the Water Framework Directive and other EU environmental legislation. There is an ever present need to risk assess and clean up manufacturing sites, utilities' infrastructure and contaminated land arising from landfill and other operations.

In-Situ Europe are here to help

In-Situ Europe's role in groundwater remediation takes a number of forms. Our core remediation monitoring equipment range is widely used by many businesses to provide an early warning system for potential contamination and to meet their permitting requirements for monitoring.

In-Situ Europe Products and Services

In-Situ Europe provide a variety of field-use PID detectors that allow both site monitoring and borehole testing for VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This means that we are helping environmental engineers to quickly isolate and identify specific forms of organic contamination in the field, both to protect the environment and themselves.

For removal of contaminated fluids we offer a selection of active and passive skimmers, and a total fluid leachate pumps that allow the recovery of contaminated groundwater and floating product layers from polluted sites, including landfills.

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