Hydrogeological Risk Assessments are a key part of the process of assessing the long term risk to the physical and chemical properties of groundwater from the development of potentially polluting activities.

Technical Drivers

In-Situ Europe has been supporting the environmental consulting and engineering sector for many years in choosing the best monitoring options for supporting hydrogeological risk assessments.

Key technical drivers in selecting equipment for a risk assessment are site specific hydrogeological characteristics, borehole depth and diameter, water level, screen length and the specific contaminants being investigated.

Varying geological and site characteristics can dramically change the nature of a project and the correct choice of test and monitoring equipment can make the difference between success and failure.

In-Situ Europe are here to help

As providers of a full range of monitoring, measurement and remediation equipment much of In-Situ Europe's support is naturally related to the best use of our products. However the technical credentials of our team is such that we are happy to "roll our sleeves up" and provide on-site technical support or training courses in the use of equipment.

This means that we can provide practical training in the use of data loggers or advice on activities such as choice of sampling techniques (e.g. using low flow sampling or passive samplers to minimise or eliminate altogether the amount of purged water to be dealt with) or define customisation of equipment installations. In providing field support In-Situ Europe has helped clients to save time and money as well as ensuring that equipment is used efficiently and effectively.

Monitoring for the future

Of course our participation doesn't stop at the risk assessment stage. In many cases In-Situ Europe's involvement has lasted (and continues to last) for many years. Our equipment provides monitoring for contaminants and level characteristics across many environmentally sensitive sites.

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