The Hydrasleeve is used in place of purging and low-flow sampling methods in groundwater monitoring boreholes to obtain a representative, real time, discrete interval sample of ALL compounds under natural groundwater flow conditions.

For a comparison of the effectiveness of hydrasleeves for sampling from groundwater monitoring boreholes see US ITRC Sampling Report.

The Hydrasleeve is effective for sampling slow recharge wells, for monitoring interfaces, and for concentration profiling. Simply lower the empty sampler to the desired interval, let the well return to undisturbed conditions, and pull the sampler through the sample zone to retrieve a "core" of water at the sample depth.

The Hydrasleeve reduces field sampling time significantly. It generates no purge water for disposal and requires no expensive equipment. It can be used to sample slow recharge wells and, because it creates minimal disturbance in the borehole, produces lower turbidity samples compared to bailed or pumped samples.

The Hydrasleeve is fast and easy to deploy enabling you to collect samples in less than fifteen minutes! No decontamination or purge water to worry about. No special training or tools required.

The Hydrasleeve can be used to sample discrete and multiple intervals in a borehole well casing. Obtain concentration profiles at multiple intervals simultaneously by attaching several Hydrasleeve samplers to a single tether line