Bladder Pumps

Bladder Pumps

In-Situ Europe Bladder Pumps are designed to meet the most rigorous standards for low flow groundwater sampling. They deliver consistent, high quality groundwater samples, including those for VOC analysis, to depths of over 300 metres.

Bladder Pumps can provide significant long-term cost savings by delivering a reduction in sampling time accompanied by high quality reproducible data.

Low-flow sampling offers excellent quality samples by reducing turbulence. It also reduces purge volumes, which reduces sampling time and the cost of disposing of contaminated groundwater.

Find out more about low flow and other groundwater sampling methods.

Flow rates are adjusted using a Pump Control Unit which can provide an average flow rate down to 100 ml/min or less meeting regulatory guidance requirements. Use of an in-line flow-through cell with water quality meters allows continuous analysis of purge water so that sampling can begin as soon as the water quality of the sample stabilises.

Some key features:

  • No contact between drive air / gas and the groundwater sample
  • Rugged, long lasting pumps with excellent reliability
  • Choice of dedicated or fully portable systems
  • Easy decontamination, low maintenance

Economical field replaceable bladders without the need for specialist tooling For equipment suitable for water quality monitoring during low flow pumping see our TROLL® 9500 multiparameter water quality instrument.

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