Inertial Pumps

Inertial Pumps

The In-Situ Europe Inertial Pump is an efficient, reliable and inexpensive pump suitable for purging and sampling groundwater monitoring boreholes. Its simplicity has allowed the system to be adapted to a variety of sizes, making it suitable for numerous applications. It performs well in harsh environments that would ruin other more expensive pumps, and is a great choice as a dedicated sampler in contaminated land investigations to avoid cross-contamination between borehole samples.

Our Inertial Pump tubing and foot valves enable pumping from boreholes of 10mm diameter and upwards. 6 tubing sizes are available accompanied by a range of Stainless Steel and Delrin foot valves.

Tubing is manufactured exclusively for In-Situ Europe in the UK and is extruded from high quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). HDPE is more rigid than LDPE tubing and consequently allows pumping from significantly greater depths without loss of perfomance due to stretching and elasticity.

Tubing and valves are available for sampling from narrow tubes and piezometer pipes through to monitoring boreholes of 200mm diameter.

Manual operation is possible at shallow depths, though the depth and ease of operation can be signifcantly improved by the addition of a mechanical actuator or, if water levels are within suction depth, by the use of the SP1 suction pump .

For further technical information and applications see:

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  • Technical Data (physical dimensions & pumping performance)