Total Fluid Pump

Total Fluid Pump

Use SPP ACTIVE pumps for continuous leachate and contaminated groundwater pumping from boreholes and sumps.

These are probably the most efficient and sustainable leachate pumps on the market - they conserve energy and air supply by automatically cutting off when fluid levels fall below the intake position.

The main features of the SPP ACTIVE range are quality and simplicity. SPP leachate pumps are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel. They work without any bubblers, external controller or bleeders, utilising a simple twin valve control within the pump to regulate air pressure, fluid collection and discharge.

For total fluid recovery, bottom and top loading pumps are available. For targeted LNAPL recovery, skimmers can be supplied with SPP2 or SPP3 ACTIVE pump bodies.

All pumps are ATEX certified.

Pumping Cycle - How it Works
When first placed in a borehole, water will fill the pump as it is submerged. The float will rise to the top of the cylinder. When connected to an air supply the pump will initially empty by pushing water through the discharge line and the float will fall. The pump then cycles as follows:

1: As the pump empties the float sinks to the bottom of the pump cylinder and hits a lever which triggers the valve mechanism to simultaneously shut off the air supply inlet and open the air exhaust vent. Once the air starts to vent, the hydrostatic pressure of water will push open the valve in the water inlet allowing the pump to fill. Air continues to be vented as water enters and the float rises in the cylinder.

2: When the float reaches the top of the pump cylinder, it hits a lever which triggers the valve mechanism. This simultaneously closes the air exhaust valve and opens the air supply inlet valve. The incoming pressure of air then closes the valve in the water inlet and forces water in the pump cylinder up the discharge tube.

3: As the water is discharged, the float will gradually sink until it reaches the lower level arm. At this point the cycle is repeated.

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