Troll 9500 MP

Troll 9500 MP

Check out the NEW Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde.

Over the last decade, the TROLL 9500 Multiparameter Sonde has been In-Situ’s primary water quality instrument, and has served well in a variety of applications. With new advancements in technology, In-Situ saw a need to provide a new water quality platform with increased functionality and performance and, as a result, they are proud to now offer the Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde. With the release of the Aqua TROLL 600, In-Situ has decided to cease production of the TROLL 9500 Multiparameter Sonde.

If you currently own a TROLL 9500, rest assured – In-Situ plans to offer replacement parts and service for the next three years. The TROLL 9500 will also remain in the In-Situ rental pool until they have fully upgraded their rental fleet to the Aqua TROLL 600 platform. We look forward to continuing to provide you with world-class environmental solutions.


Q: How long is service for the TROLL 9500 going to be supported?
A: In-Situ plans to offer instrument evaluation, sensor calibration and service/repair for the next three years.

Q: What replacement parts will be available, and will they be new or remanufactured?
A: In-Situ plans to offer replacement parts and sensors for the next three years. Please see the related products table below.

Q: How long can I contact technical support for my TROLL 9500 instrument?
A: Technical support for the TROLL 9500 will be available for at least the next three years. Please contact In-Situ at or call 800-446-7488.

Q: Will I still be able to access the software and firmware for the TROLL 9500?
A: Yes, the latest firmware and software updates will still be available at

Q: If I purchased a TROLL 9500 in the last year or two, what options do I have?
A: Please contact your Sales Representative to learn about promotional offers and trade-in programs.

Q: What advantages does the Aqua TROLL 600 have over the TROLL 9500?
A: The Aqua TROLL 600 features the latest advancements in state-of-the-art water quality monitoring technology, and is the most flexible sonde we’ve ever made. It offers a 9+ month battery life, universal sensor ports and wet-mateable connectors, a suite of digital smart sensors, and internal memory plus an onboard SD card for backup storage. It is the only multiparameter sonde to have a sub-2 inch passive and active antifouling system for all sensors, including conductivity, by featuring an integrated dual-sided wiper and flat-faced sensor design.

Additionally, an LCD display gives a visual indicator of overall functionality, battery life, sensor and log status, and integrated Bluetooth makes it easier than ever before to have real-time access and instant results delivered right to your smartphone.