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  Groundwater Monitoring Pumps

Groundwater monitoring pumps

In-Situ Europe's selection of pumping devices provides you with a choice of equipment to match your budget and sampling protocol, including low flow and high yield pumping options.

The practicality in choosing pumping equipment is critically dependent on the depth, diameter and depth to water level of your boreholes. The success of your pumping protocol or methodology (e.g. low flow) is critically dependent on mixing mechanisms in each borehole and the length of the screened interval.

Check out our range of groundwater monitoring pumps below or call +44 121 733 7743 to speak to our technical sales team. We can help suggest a number of alternative methods to match your sampling and pumping requirements.

Select a Product Range  
Peristaltic and Centrifugal Suction Pump Range

Conventional and Low Flow pumping methods to any depth where water levels are at no greater than 8m.

A selection of peristaltic and centrifugal suction pumps for groundwater and surface water sampling or for general purpose water pumping.
SP1 Suction Pump

Submersible Pump Range

Conventional or Low Flow pumping methods to 90 m.

In-Situ Europe's range of submersible pumps with Low Flow Controllers offer performance and value and allow sampling from depths of up to 90 metres in monitoring boreholes with precise control of flow rates.

Bladder Pump Range

Low Flow pumping method to 300m depth!

In-Situ Europe Bladder Pumps provide consistent, high quality samples with reliable performance for low-flow sampling applications, particularly for VOC sampling.
Bladder Pump Range

Waterra Inertial Pumps - Manual Range (Foot Valves and Tubing)

Conventional pumping method to depths of up to 85m.

In-Situ Europe's inertial pump tubing and foot valves are available in 6 sizes from 6mm to 25mm in diameter to enable pumping from boreholes and narrow tubes from 10mm in diameter upwards.
Tubing and Foot Valves

Waterra Inertial Pumps - Powered Systems Range

A choice of Power Actuators and Suction devices for use with Inertial Pumps.

Mechanical devices for efficient sustainable pumping using inertial pumps. Take away the manual effort and improve your pumping performance.
PP1 Sampling
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