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  Water Quality Equipment

Water quality montesting equipment from Waterra UK

In-Situ Europe's selection of water quality monitoring and testing equipment is chosen with the demands of field use in mind. We offer a selection of single parameter water quality meters, multi-parameter meters and pocket testers with flow cells, colorimeters, in-line filters and other accessories needed for groundwater and surface water quality testing, sampling, measurement and monitoring.

Take a look at our purpose designed groundwater low flow sampling equipment TROLL 9500 . This includes In-Situ's unique Flow-Sense software which fully automates the collection and reporting of the low flow sampling process. All of our water quallity monitoring equipment is backed up by a series of Waterra-In-Situ support packages and add-ons so that you receive your equipment fully calibrated and ready to use straight out of the box.

Check out our product range below or call +44 (0)121 733 7743 today to talk to our Technical Sales team.

Select a Product Range  
smarTROLL Instruments

Environmental monitoring of surface water and groundwater just got easier!

The smarTROLL Handheld family combines industry-leading water quality sensors with revolutionary smartphone mobility. The intuitive iSitu™ Application eliminates training time and runs on your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad® device.
smarTROLL Multiparameter Instruments

Aqua TROLL Instruments

A choice of two Aqua TROLL models for conductivity and water level logging of groundwaters, surface waters and industrial processes.
Aqua TROLLWater Quality Instruments

TROLL 9500 MP Water Quality Sondes

The TROLL® 9500 water quality instrument simplifies multiparameter monitoring. The TROLL® 9500 is a powerful, portable unit that houses up to nine water quality sensors, internal power, and optional data logging capabilities.
TROLL 9500 water quality instrument

In-Situ Logger Cable

Choose from a variety of high quality vented, non-vented and suspension cable options to suit your logger application and instrument requirements.
In-Situ Logger Cable

In-Situ Communications Systems & Accessories

Communication options to help you work with your water level or water quality instrument in the field or in the office.
Logger Communication Devices

In-Situ RDO Sensors

In-Situ RDO Rugged Dissolved Oxygen Sensors offer significant improvement over Clark cell and existing optical dissolved oxygen sensors.
RDO Sensor

Orion Star A Meters

Orion 5 Star Portable Meters for Environmental Monitoring in the field. These are ruggedised, dependable meters with RDO (Optical Dissolved Oxygen) sensors included as standard providing laboratory accuracy everywhere you need it.
Orion Star A Meters

Waterproof Field Water Quality Meter Range

A range of waterproof water quality meters for field use. Available in kit form or as individual meters.
WaterproofWater Quality  Meters

Pocket Testers

A range of high quality hand held automatic water quality testers for inexpensive and simple field measurements.
WQ Pocket Water Quality Testers

Colorimeters (Photometers) and Test Kits

Colorimeters (Photometers) provide a simple, inexpensive and rapid means of field surveillance for a wide range of specific ions using standard reagents and single colour LED's.
Specific ion colorimeter water quality tester

Filters and Flow Cells

In-line micro-filters and flow cells for general field use with other water quality equipment.
Filters & Flow Cells Water Quality Testers

Solutions (Sachets & Bottles)

Bottled solutions and sachets for calibration, cleaning and maintenance of probes.
Water quality sachets and solutions
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