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Groundwater sampling equipment  Groundwater Equipment for Professionals

Sampling equipment for field groundwater sampling and testing

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Rentals and Servicing

Information on servicing of equipment, warranty repairs and rentals.
Groundwater equipment servicing and rntals

Level, Interface and EC Measurement Tapes

Downhole measurement equipment for water level, product interface, depth, temperature and conductivity.
Level and interface measurement instruments

Telemetry Systems

Economical, secure telemetry systems for remote data collection using mobile network technology.
Telemetry Systems

Data Loggers - Level & Conductivity

Data loggers for automatically recording water levels and temperature in boreholes and surface waters. Rainfall loggers and gauges.
In-Situ dataloggers and leveloggers

Water Quality Equipment

Single and multi-parameter meters and data loggers with flow cells and accessories for field use.
Water quality montesting equipment from Waterra UK

Groundwater Monitoring Pumps

Pumping devices to meet every monitoring budget and application - from low flow to high yield.
Groundwater monitoring pumps

Passive Samplers and Bailers

Disposable and reusable groundwater sampling equipment for general and depth discrete sampling.
Bailers and passive sampling equipment

Surface Water Monitoring

Surface water monitoring equipment for field use.
Surface water monitoring equipment

Sampling Accessories

Filters, gloves, well caps, reels, cable, well slugs and more.
Groundwater monitoring accessories

Portable PID Detectors

RAE Portable PID detectors
Portable PIDs for gas monitoring

Remediation Pumps and Equipment

Total fluid leachate pumps and skimmers for removal of contaminated groundwater and floating product layers.
Remediation pumps and recovery equipment
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