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  3-Part Well Slugs for rising or falling head tests

In-Situ Europe 3 part well slugs provide a convenient fixed volume cylindrical solid for performing instantaneous rising or falling head permeability tests in boreholes.

The 3-part well slugs are supplied in 3 parts to simplify storage and transport. They are manufactured from 3 solid cylinders of Delrin with threaded connections to allow 1, 2 or all 3 sections to be used. Two standard sizes are available for use in 50mm and 100mm diameter wells. Each size will achieve an approximate 1m change in water level within the borehole lining.

Use in conjunction with dataloggers for accurate recording of water level changes during slug test.

Slug Test Method
Water is displaced in a borehole when a well slug is rapidly submerged (rising head test) or removed (falling head test) from the water column. For more detailed information on methodology and interpretation see BS5930 or BS ISO14686. Download our Well Slug User Guide for Practical Field Guidance.

Slug Testing Methods.  Rising and falling head permeability
Slug test method illustrating data collected (using a datalogger) and interpretation of falling head test data.

For more details: Download as PDF

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Well Slugs - 3-part Delrin
For up to 1 metre displacement use SLG-50 in 50 mm diameter wells and SLG-100 in 100mm diameter wells. See pdf sheet for dimensions, displacement volume and weight.

Code Description
SLG-50 3 part calibrated slug (36mm OD x 1929mm / 1.963 litres / 2.7kg)  
SLG-100 3 part calibrated slug (80mm OD x 1563mm / 7.86 litres / 11kg)  

Well Slugs - Lifting Cord and Reel
A selection of kevlar or polyester cord and hand reel for use with well slugs and loggers. Kevlar cord is inert, with low elasticity and is suited for use with loggers.

The simple high impact hand reel avoids unsightly and dangerous trailing of cord on the ground during use. The reel can hold up to 100m of 3.5mm polyester or Kevlar cord.

The spool is removable, and additional spools can be purchased.

Code Description
ERL-110 Hand Reel with removable spool (holds 100m of 3.5mm cord)  
BC/K35-50 Lifting Cord - 3.5mm diam polyester cord (50m)  
BC/K35-300 Lifting Cord - 3.5mm diam polyester cord (300m)  
KC2-100 Kevlar Rope (100m x 2mm - spooled)  

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