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  Data Loggers for Rain Gauges

A choice of data loggers for rain gauges to automatically collect rainfall data from tipping bucket rain gauges.

Both loggers include separate cable for connecting to the rain gauge which requires some basic tooling including soldering equipment and a heat gun. Waterra-In-Situ can pre-connect the cable on request.

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The RainCounter is a data logger designed to count each tip of a standard tipping-bucket rain gauge with a reed switch output.

Compact, robust and waterproof (IP68), this durable field unit offers long-term reliability with replaceable Lithium Ion batteries that lasts up to 2 years. Data memory holds 64,000 readings. Linear sampling can be set from 1 second to 10 days.

Datalogger package includes everything neded to connect to a rain gauge:
- Datalogger
- Raingauge Connection Lead
- Software with USB cable for Connection to PC

Data logger fitted to Rain Gauge
Save time and ask about pre-fitting of the logger cable connector to the rain gauge prior to delivery!

Raincounter data logger for rain gauges
Code Description
TT-RainCounter RainCounter Data Logger inc Software & Cables  
AR-Fit Raingauge - Assemble / Fit Logger Cable to ARG100  

AR-DT2 Dedicated Twin Channel Rain Gauge Data Logger
The AR-DT2 logger comprises a digital channel for the measurement of a contact closure from a tipping bucket rain gauge. There is second 0-1V analogue channel for a separate sensor (for example, temperature). The unit is fully compatible with the ARG100 tipping bucket rain gauge and is fully configurable by the user to allow easy modifications of the ARG100’s sensor calibration factor.

The AR-DT2 data logger is a dedicated two channel data logger for rain gauges. Features include:

• Small size.
• Low power consumption - uses 4 replaceable AA batteries.
• Analogue and digital channel.
• Current battery level function.
• Runs for 18 months without battery change (typical).
• PC interface through Hyper Terminal (free download from Microsoft) or similar.
• Non-volatile EEPROM memory retain data even if batteries fail.

A special RS232 Cable with reset button (AR-DTRSC) is available to connect the logger to a PC. The AR-DT2 logger is powered by 4 user-replaceable AA alkaline batteries.

Save time and ask about pre-fitting of the logger cable connector to the rain gauge prior to delivery!

AR-DT2 Rainlogger

Code Description
AR-DT2 Raingauge - Dedicated Two Channel Datalogger (OBSOLETE)  
AR-DTRSC Raingauge - DT2 Logger to PC Cable (RS232) (OBSOLETE)  
AR-Fit Raingauge - Assemble / Fit Logger Cable to ARG100  

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