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  Disposable and Reusable Bailer Range

In-Situ Europe offers a choice of disposable and reusable bailers for simple cost-effective groundwater sampling from boreholes and wells.

Bailers are available in a wide range of materials including PVC, PE, PTFE and stainless steel. We also offer a specialist variants including smaller diameter bailers (PVC), double valve bailers for depth discrete sampling (PVC and Stainless Steel) and bailers for selectively collecting Hydrocarbon samples.

If you intend to use bailers for trace organic sampling and have concerns regarding the absorptive or adsorptive properties of materials, we recommend the use of PTFE bailers or other alternative sampling methods such as Passive Samplers .

See Sampling Accessory pages for cord, reels and other field essentials.

Some alterative product suggestions:
Try small diameter Inertial Pumps as an alternative means of sampling from narrow tubes.
Try Passive Samplers as a more reliable option for depth discrete sampling in boreholes.
Try hydrophobic and float operated skimmers for automatic or manual sampling of floating product layers.

Bailers for boreholes / well sampling
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Bailers - Polyethylene Bailers

In-Situ Europeweighted PE disposable bailers are an alternative to clearview bailers enabling simple collection of water samples from boreholes.
Bailers.  Polyethylene bailers

Bailers - Clearview PVC

In-Situ Europe Clear-view disposable bailers are an inexpensive groundwater sampling option enabling simple collection and visual examination of water samples collected from boreholes.
ClearView PVC Bailers -  borehole samples

Bailers - PTFE

Waterra In-Situ PTFE single valve disposable bailers for more sensitive sampling projects including trace organics.
Bailers PTFE disposable

Bailers - Hydrocarbon

In-Situ Europe Clear-view disposable hydrocarbon bailers are simple to use and ideal for obtaining product-only samples.
Bailers. Hydrocarbon dispoable

Bailers - Double-Valve

In-Situ Europe Clear-view disposable double valve bailers enable groundwater samples to be retrieved from specific depths in a borehole.
Bailers. Double Valve disposable

Bailers - Reusable PVC and SS Bailers

In-Situ Europe reusable bailers - White and Clear rigid PVC and Stainless Steel. Various diameters and lengths for water sampling and well development.
Reusable Bailers
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