Legislative changes are putting the onus for protecting the supply and quality of water directly on businesses. Many companies are already being impacted by the need to reduce emissions or improve their ability to recycle old products. In the near future those same companies may be asked to monitor their impact on our water resources too.

In-Situ Europe is at the forefront of bringing solutions to the market that will help businesses fulfil their environmental obligations. We source the best monitoring, testing and remediation products from around the world and if there is a gap in the market we work with manufacturers to bring new products to market. We also offer outstanding technical support to make sure that our clients choose the best product to meet their needs and know how to deploy them most effectively.

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Groundwater Sampling

Sampling Methodologies

Determining the availability and quality of groundwater has become an issue for an increasing number of businesses and government agencies. Changes in legislation, pressure on aquifer supplies and a heightened awareness of the impact of industrial activity have made groundwater sampling a hot topic. However, collecting a sample from a monitoring borehole which is truly "representative" of the quality of groundwater in the surrounding aquifer is not as easy as it might seem.

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Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality

Water quality monitoring is often driven by the legislative need to demonstrate that an activity is not adversely impacting on the quality of a water body - whether this is groundwater, surface water, estuarine or coastal waters.

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 Hydrogeological Risk Assessment

Hydrogeological Risk

Image courtesy of UK Groundwater Forum

Hydrogeological Risk Assessments are a key part of the process of assessing the long term risk to the physical and chemical properties of groundwater from the development of potentially polluting activities.

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Water Framework Directive

Water Framework Directive

The introduction of the Water Framework Directive has thrown a spotlight on the issue of water quality and level monitoring. A variety of national agencies are responsible for implementing a revolutionary change in monitoring programmes to address the physical, chemical and ecological status of the whole of the water environment.

Surface Water Monitoring

Surface Water

From surface water quality monitoring to sampling equipment, In-Situ Europe has tools to help you get the job done faster and at lower cost. Use our water quality sensors to simplify compliance with legislation. Easily connect our instruments to your existing remote monitoring system to get real-time data, react to changes faster and reduce time in the field.