Surface Water Monitoring

Easily and accurately assess the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of any aquatic system. From spot sampling to long-term remote monitoring, In-Situ has the right equipment for your surface water quality monitoring project.

From ambient surface water quality monitoring to spot sampling, In-Situ tools help you get the job done faster and at lower cost. Use our water quality sensors to simplify compliance with state regulations. Easily connect our instruments to your existing remote monitoring system to get real-time data, react to changes faster and reduce time in the field.

Featured Products for Surface Water Monitoring

Aqua TROLL 600

Multiparameter Sonde

Flexible multiparameter sonde with smartphone interface. Suitable for all applications.

smarTROLL Family


Multiparameter Handheld

NEW! Use your iOS™ or Android™ mobile device to check 14 water quality parameters in seconds.

AquaTROLL 200

Aqua TROLL 100

Data Logger

Measures and records conductivity and temperature (not level and pressure)


AquaTROLL 200

Aqua TROLL 200

Data Logger

Measures and records water level & pressure, conductivity, and temperature. Vented or non-vented