Water Framework Directive - the Future for Monitoring

water framework directiveThe introduction of the Water Framework Directive has thrown a spotlight on the issue of water quality and level monitoring

National agencies such as the Environment Agency, SEPA, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Irish EPA, are responsible for implementing a revolutionary change in monitoring programmes to address the physical, chemical and ecological status of the whole of the water environment

Operator Self-Monitoring

Responsibility for some of these monitoring requirements will increasingly be passed down to companies who are involved in activities which pose potential threats to the water environment under operator self-monitoring schemes. Implementation has already started for major utility and energy companies, but will gradually roll out to an increasing number of sectors over the next few years.

This means that businesses need to start thinking now about the systems they need in place to fulfill their water monitoring obligations.

In-Situ Europe are here to help

As one of the UK's leading providers of groundwater monitoring equipment In-Situ Europe is on-hand to help you understand what you need to do, establish the right systems for the job and implement the appropriate infrastructure.

Because our team has practising knowledge of groundwater monitoring we understand the need for equipment that can be used in field conditions. So we continually search for instrumentation that is portable, easy to use and rugged enough to stand up to a few hard knocks or some bad weather.

In-Situ Europe products and services for water quality monitoring

Our product range includes a wide variety of monitoring, measurement and sampling equipment to suit any circumstance and is backed up by highly competent technical support and training capability. This means that whether you need sampling devices for use in wells and boreholes or water quality instrumentation for accurate field measurements of indictors or specific pollutants or data loggers for water level, temperature and conductivity measurement, In-Situ Europe can provide the assistance you need. 

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