Water Quality Monitoring


Water quality monitoring is often driven by the legislative need to demonstrate that an activity is not adversely impacting on the quality of a water body - whether this is groundwater, surface water, estuarine or coastal waters.

Key monitoring drivers

The introduction of monitoring measures related to EU directives such as the Landfill Directive, nitrate directive and most recently, the Water Framework Directive has thrown an ever sharper spotlight on the issue of water quality monitoring.

The responsibility for water quality monitoring will increasingly become an integral part of most business activities under operator self monitoring schemes incorporated into permits issued by Environmental Agencies across Europe.  This means that businesses need to start thinking now about the systems they need in place to fulfil their water quality obligations.

In-Situ Europe products and services for water quality monitoring

As one of the UK's leading providers of groundwater monitoring equipment In-Situ Europe is on-hand to help you understand what you need to do, establish the right systems for the job and implement the appropriate infrastructure.

Our product range includes a wide variety of monitoring, measurement and sampling equipment to suit any circumstance. That product capability is backed up by a highly competent technical support and training capability.

This means that whether you need sampling devices for use in wells and boreholes or water quality instrumentation for accurate field measurements of indictors or specific pollutants or data loggers for water level, temperature and conductivity measurement, In-Situ Europe can provide the assistance you need.

Because our team has practising knowledge of water quality monitoring we understand the need for equipment that can be used in field conditions. So we continually search for kit that is portable, easy to use and rugged enough to stand up to a few hard knocks or some bad weather.

Our water quality monitoring products include the AquaTROLL 600, Troll 9500 and smarTROLL Multiparameter Meters, pocket testers for testing pH, EC, temperature and ORP, and colorimeters or test kits for ammonia, turbidity and alkalinity concentrations.

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